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High-Speed Simulator EVNIK PRO:

• Age: 18 years old or older;
• Size: 14.5 cm by 19 cm (5.7 x 7.5 inches);
• Color: Black;
•Available speed modes: speed mode; evanescence speed mode.
Avoid heat exposure of the simulator. Avoid leaving the simulator in the sun.

Evnik PRO is speedier: it will make your movements faster and more accentuated. Evnik PRO will let you take a fresh look at your habitual movements and you will have to make much more efforts to do the exercise correctly. Evnik PRO involves more muscle groups into the workout, building more complex muscle interrelations. Evnik PRO is an incredibly powerful tool that will be definitely appreciated by professional athletes. But Evnik PRO is not the right choice for beginners: you should better start with Evnik for Adults. Select the most suitable model of Evnik speed simulator for you and your family. There are two models of Evnik currently available for adults: Evnik for Adults and Evnik PRO.

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